E-Commerce dashboards and KPIs in few seconds

Do not waste anymore time ! Take business decisions for your e-commerce store in 2 clicks thanks to pre-build templates

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Say stop to data headache. Most analytics tools are overwhelming. Too many dashboards, settings, user views, and metrics.

"I don’t know what metrics are relevant for my business"

“I always spend hours building dashboards”

“I don’t understand the reports my tools generate”

You are 3 steps away from your first dashboard.

Forget about long and complex settings. In less than 10 minutes, you get the only data you need to grow your business.

Step 1

Plug your tools

Sync your favorite tools such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify and more.

Step 2

Set your goals

Follow your web traffic ? Reach a sales goal ? Understand who your customers are ? You decide.

Step 3

Understand data

Vizpoint selects your very own tailor-made template and helps you better understand data. Et voila !

Get your data-driven reports in real-time.

Create simple dashboards made to help you reach your goals, and follow your metrics in real time.

Follow your relevant business KPIs day by day. Set goals and see how your team is doing.

Make data work for you.

Let Vizpoint craft the dashboard that perfectly fits your goals. It’s that simple.

10+ dashboards templates

Save time : Vizpoint generates the most relevant dashboards according to your goals.

30+ ways to visualize metrics

Get the most relevant insights for each KPI with smart visualization suggestions.

Faster reports generation

Access your data in real time and generate understandable reports in seconds.

Want to see the easiest way to become data-driven ?

Book a demo and judge by yourself.

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